Ukebox Group and Private Lessons

If you’ve got a ukulele, are in the Ottawa area, and are looking for a great way to learn to play it, I'd welcome you to join one of my classes. My name is Joel Jacques and I’ve been teaching ukulele group classes to adults and teens for many years. I developed the popular Ukebox ukulele programs at the Ottawa Folklore Centre and now offer them from my home studio in the Chinatown / Little Italy neighbourhood of Ottawa.

Evening courses are divided into 4 week sessions which allow you to easily join in to a class that best fits your schedule and current playing abilities. Daytime classes are also available and are best suited for retirees and shift workers. All group classes focus on developing skills, repertoire, and the ability to ‘play music with others’.

Visit for course listings and starting dates.

  • Easy Online Registration (
  • Chinatown / Little Italy area - easily accessible from all parts of the city including Gatineau (Chaudière Bridge) 
  • 4 Week Evening Classes 
  • Daytime Groups available 
  • Private and Semi-Private lessons are also available in 1/2 hour lessons for $22 and 1 hour lessons for $40
  • New Classes beginning every month!

You are welcome to email me if you have any questions:  

Here’s what students are saying: 

"The magic of Joel Jacques is that he leaves no one behind, while also leaving no one waiting. He is a gifted teacher that seamlessly and enthusiastically can work a room full of ukulele players of all ages and abilities into making beautiful music. In his private classes he pays attention to what the student responds to and continually finds music that makes you want to play for the love of it, yet, he doesn’t let you get away with sloppy technique. Joel is a master at what he does and his hospitable and easy going personality allow his students to relax, learn and play for the sheer joy of music. I unequivocally recommend Joel Jacques as a fine teacher and musician to any student of any age."
– Trudy

"Ukulele lessons with Joel have opened several windows for me. An extended group class two years ago got me started and able to play songs with family. I discovered that ukuleles are the perfect instrument to bring along on car drives, and my family is now singing a lot together at home and on the road. There is no end to the fun, familiar or new songs we can decide to add to our repertoire."
– Daphne